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Illusion oak

2.295,00 DKK

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Illusion stools – oak

Function: Stool (Stool, coffee table, side table)
Dimensions: H 450 mm, L 400mm, B 340mm
Materials: PP/PTEG and untreated oak

Illusion is designed as a stool, the extra seat for your guests, but incorporates functions such as storage, display and as a table. Illusion can be interpreted as a beautiful alternative to the folding chair, as it is easy to disassembles and assembled again.

Using the Japanese folding technique Origami, Illusion is able to hold the weight of a human being, up til 110kg. Tested and approved according to EU standard EN 12520: 2015 as a seating unit.

Slots and dowels assemble both stools – which make them easily packed and moved around. The top completes the design – beautiful oak, shaped into a raindrop.

Assembly Guide.

Strength and durability report.